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2019 Spring CT Cup
2018-2019 Team | Connecticut

This is the CJSA Spring 2019 Connecticut Cup

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Program Types
  • Recreation Plus
  • Competitive
  • Comp Dev
Age & Gender

U11 to U17 and U19 Boys and Girls


Start Date: 05/04/2019

End Date: 06/15/2019

  • Approved Teams
  • Pending Teams
Team Name
'06 Boys Red
'07 Boys Red
Boys U11
Boys U11A (2008) (SWSC)
Boys U11B (2008)
Boys U11 Blue (Glastonbury Hartwell)
Boys U11 White (Glastonbury Hartwell)
Boys U12
Boys U12A (2007)
Boys U12 Blue (Glastonbury Hartwell)
Boys U12 White (Glastonbury Hartwell)
Boys U13A (2006)
Boys U13 Blue (Glastonbury Hartwell)
Boys U14/U15 Blue (Glastonbury Hartwell)
Boys U15A (2004)
Boys U17 (Glastonbury Hartwell)
Boys U19 (Glastonbury Hartwell)
BU11A_2008 (West Hartford)
BU11B_2008 (West Hartford)
BU12A_2007 (West Hartford)
BU12B_2007 (West Hartford)
BU13A_2006 (West Hartford)
BU13B_2006 (West Hartford)
BU14A_2005 (West Hartford)
BU14B_2005 (West Hartford)
BU15_2004 (West Hartford)
Cheshire U11 Boys Red
Cheshire U12 Boys Red
Cheshire U15 Boys Red
Cheshire U19 Boys Red
Cheshire U19 Boys White
Cheshire U19 Girls Red
Clinton Avalanche BU12
Clinton Cyclones BU14
Clinton Hurricanes GU14
Clinton Lightning GU12
Eagles (Enfield)
Falcons - Green (Enfield)
Falcons - White (Enfield)
Fury (Enfield)
Girls U11 Blue (Glastonbury Hartwell)
Girls U12A (2007)
Girls U12B (2007)
Girls U12 Blue (Glastonbury Hartwell)
Girls U13A (2006)
Girls U13 Blue (Glastonbury Hartwell)
Girls U14A (2005)
Girls U14/U15 Blue (Glastonbury Hartwell)
Girls U19A (2000)
GU11A_2008 (West Hartford)
GU11B_2008 (West Hartford)
GU12A_2007 (West Hartford)
GU13A_2006 (West Hartford)
GU14_2005 (West Hartford)
Guilford Boys 11U - Malatesta
Guilford Boys 12U - Ibarra
Guilford Boys 13U - Garcia
Guilford Boys 14U - Garcia
Guilford Boys 15U - Yerkes
Guilford Boys 16U - Kozloski
Guilford Boys 19U - Ibarra
Guilford Girls 11U - Michna
Guilford Girls 13U - Yerkes
Highschool Boys
Highschool Girls
Legends (Enfield)
Naugatuck U19B Campos
Naugatuck U19B McNeil
Naugatuck United B14
Naugy FC
Newington Coyotes
Newington Force
Newington Hurricanes
Newington Nighthawks
Newington Nitro
Newington Strikers
Newington U19 Boys
North Haven Boys U16
North Haven Boys U19
North Haven Girls U12 Comp
North Haven U11 Boys Comp
North Haven U12 Boys Comp
North Haven U14 Boys Comp
Orange Boys U-14 Comp
Orange Girls U-11
Orange Girls U-13
Orange Girls U-14
Plainville United - U11 Boys
S19 SCNM U15 Timbers
Shelton U11 Boys Orange
Shelton U11 Boys White
Shelton U11 Girls Orange
Shelton U12 Boys Orange
Shelton U15 Boys Orange Travel
Southington BU13 Revolution
Southington GU12 Sonics
Southington U11 Fire
Southington U 11 Huskies
Southington U 14 Storm
Suffield SC 2004/2005 [GU15/14]
Suffield SC 2007 Blue [BU12]
Suffield SC 2007 Blue [GU12]
Suffield SC 2008 [GU11]
Thunderhawks (Enfield)
TNT (Enfield)
Tolland 2008 Girls
Tolland Force
Tolland Revolution
U11 A Supersonics (Simsbury)
U11 A United (Simsbury)
U-11 Boys A (Farmington)
U-11 Boys B (Farmington)
U11 Boys Gray
U11 Boys Red
U11 Boys United 2018-2019 (Manchester)
U11 B Storm (Simsbury)
U11 B Trojans (Simsbury)
U 11 - CT Cup
U-11 Girls A (Farmington)
U11 Girls Red
U11 Girls Red
U-11 Girls Team (Granby)
U11 Girls United 2018-2019 (Manchester)
U11 Spring CT Cup 2018 O'Keefe
U12 A Cup
U12 A Hawks (Simsbury)
U12 A Lightning (Simsbury)
U12 B Cup
U12 Black (Cromwell)
U-12 Boys A (Farmington)
U12 Boys United 2018-2019 (Manchester)
U12 B Spirit (Simsbury)
U12 B Warriors (Simsbury)
U12 Girls
U12 Girls Blue
U12 MUSC Boys Blue
U13/14 Boys United 2018-2019 (Manchester)
U13 A Grizzlies (Simsbury)
U13 A Sensation (Simsbury)
U-13 Boys A (Farmington)
U13 Boys Red
U13 B Panthers (Simsbury)
U13 girls - Milford Lightning
U13 Girls Red
U13 Girls United 2018-2019 (Manchester)
U13 Girls White
U13/U14 Girls Red
U-14/15 Boys A (Farmington)
U-14/15 Girls A (Farmington)
U14/15 Girls Red
U14 A Dynamo (Simsbury)
U14 Boys Blue
U14 Boys Comp (Enfield)
U14 Boys Red
U-14 G Bloomfield
U14 Girls
U14 Girls Blue
U-14/U-15 Boys Blue Team (Granby)
U15 A Sonics (Simsbury)
U15 A United (Simsbury)
U15 B Storm (Simsbury)
U16 Sr Boys
U16 Sr Boys
U18 Boys
U19 Boys Cup
U19 Boys Red
U19 Girls Red
U19 Sr Boys
United (Enfield)
United (U12B)
United (U14B)
Wallingford Boys Storm U11
Wallingford Boys Tigers U12
Wallingford Boys Warriors U13
Wallingford Boys Wolverines U15
Wallingford Girls Fury U13
Wallingford Girls Thunder U11
Wallingford Girls Wildcats U19
Wallingford Girls Wildfire U19
Wallingford Girls Wolves U15
West Haven Foley B19
West Haven Petrie B12
West Haven Smith B19
Team Name